Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Purse Alert!

I haven't gotten a new purse in a while, and I've been eyeing this one up, so I figured I'd get it while it was still available. Why not, right?

I found this bag at Target, and fell in love! There were a few different colors, but I really like this Camel shade. It's pretty neutral, so it can go with anything. And I LOVE that zipper pocket on the flap! SO perfect for keeping my phone ready to grab at a moment's notice!

What's awesome about this bag is, although small enough to wear crossbody comfortably, it's big enough to carry the everyday essentials - making it perfect for a shopping trip, movie date, or grocery store run!

The two main compartments are good for bigger items - sunglasses, a wallet, keys - and the smaller pockets inside are great for phones, gum, makeup, and the smaller stuff.

As you can see, I got quite a bit in here, without the bag being too bulky. I actually switched to a smaller wallet, and was able to fit my blog notebook in there.

Purses aren't just bags, they're accessories, and I think this is such a cute Spring bag! I'm excited to start carrying this around now that the weather is finally warming up!

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