Wednesday, April 9, 2014

100 Happy Days — Week 1

Well, I sure picked a hard week to start the 100 Happy Days challenge! But that's the challenge, right? to find something that makes you happy even though you're stressed out the door, have an extra heavy work load, and a dead treadmill....

Day 1: home. 
After a crazy long day, coming home and crawling into bed was pure happiness.

Day 2: a letter from a friend I hadn't heard from in a very long time!
It was wonderful to find such a sweet note in the mail, and to know that she was ok.

Day 3: having awesome texts waiting for me when I get off work. 
Sara "attexts" me all the time. I can always count on her to make me laugh. 

Day 4: signs of spring.
Winter is still my favorite season, but I'm looking forward to sunny days and milder weather.

Day 5: reading.
With another long day crossed off the calendar, my bed and a book were an excellent way to unwind.

Day 6: SUSHI!!
Sara and I spent Saturday shopping, laughing, shopping, drinking coffee, shopping, getting more coffee, and finally capped off the day with sushi. The perfect Saturday? Indeed. 

Day 7: protein plate for lunch.
Think of it as a DIY Starbucks Protein Box.....minus the box.

On to week two!!
— Courtney —