Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sara's (Random) July Wishlist

This month's wish list is exactly that. A few fun (and random) things that no one really needs, but wouldn't mind having.
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1- I'm pretty organized. Organization is my friend. But let's be honest here. I would probably use this organizer for a week before getting tired of carrying it in my purse and having to open and close it every time I need a coupon or something. As organized as I am, I'm also lazy. That's not the point though. This little file/notepad is pretty nifty. And honest (we all know it's really just crap we're carrying around).

2- The Beatles. Coloring. Book. Enough. Freaking. Said.

3- I've been seeing these "retro" cell phone headsets a lot recently, and I happen to think they're pretty stinkin' cool. I don't talk on my cell a lot, but when I do, it's uncomfortable. The phone gets hot and sweaty and hard to hold, the screen gets oily. It's gross. This would definitely help with those issues (Don't pretend it doesn't happen to you - it happens to everyone).

4- So... I may or may not have already bought one of these for Courtney and myself... These little
Disney beanie plushies are just adorbs. Hallmark has Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc., Jasmine, Snow White, Tigger, Pooh, Ariel, and a lot more. They're only about 3 or 4 inches tall, so they're great for small children. Or even as a fun, pick-me-up gift for a big child...

5-  I'm pretty conservative when it comes to sunglasses, but these heart-shaped glasses from Urban Outfitters caught my eye. They remind me of those beachy, summer nights and bright orange sunsets. And fireworks. Definitely fireworks.

6- A gummy bear lamp. C'mon. This is just too cool! I swear, I might be 24, but inside I'm really like, 12.

7, 8- Cell phone accessories are fun. They add personality to an otherwise generic phone. I don't know what it is about mustaches, but they're becoming more and more popular and it's much easier to find cute things with them on it. And I happen to approve of mustaches.


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