Saturday, July 20, 2013

Courtney's Top 5: Travel Tips

Top 5: Travel Tips

1. Pack Interchangeable Clothing
If you open my suitcase you'll find a lot of neutrals. A LOT of neutrals. My key to packing light is to take pieces in the same color family that can be worn alone, layered, and pair well with each other. Black, grey, and white tees and tanks that look good with cardigans, or that can be worn alone. I throw in a couple light weight scarves to add a pop of color, and few bold pieces of jewelry: a long necklace, bright earrings, a bracelet or two, and a simple pair of diamond-style earrings. Versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, and one or two stand alone pieces of clothing.

2. Make-Up Pallets 
It's easy to weigh your travel bag down with make-up. This shade needs this shade to look good, but you need this blush, and you need a few darker eye shadows for a smoky look, and — you get the point. Invest in a good make-up pallet. I'm a Clinique girl, so I have quite a few of their "free gift" make-ups. One of my favorite eyeshadow pallets has a light matte tan shade, a shimmery neutral shade that is perfect for highlighting, a deep grey-black, and a light grey. I can go minimal with this pallet, or smoke it out for a dramatic look.

3. Airport Food
Travel time is NOT the time to try new foods! Eat what you know! If you know that a Dunkin Donuts flatbread sandwich agrees with you, DON'T order a burrito supremo from the place with the cool logo. I had a friend who had a slice of pizza between flights, passed out on the plane, woke up on oxygen, and found out it was food poisoning.

4. Buy It When You Get There
I try not to spend extra money if I don't have to, but some things don't travel well. Mouthwash, hair oil, blonde spray: if any of those break open in my suitcase, my clothes are ruined. If you know there will be a store where you are staying, leave those potentially disastrous items out of your suitcase and purchase them when you get to your destination, as you need them.

5. Mail It Home
It doesn't take long for a suitcase to hit the weight limit. My rule is that nothing new goes in my bag — who wants to pay an exorbitant fee? Flat rate boxes are your friend. Pick one up for free at a post office, and as you buy souvenirs and treasures, start packing them in the box. Mail it before you leave, and your goodies will be waiting for you when you get home.

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