Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY: Travel Stationery Portfolio

Letters. There's something so special about opening the mailbox and finding a handwritten note in a colorful envelope with your name on it! I adore receiving letters, but I enjoy being the one behind the writing. When I'm traveling for a few days, I like to take some stationery with me — you never know when something newsy is going to happen! Here's a quick DIY for a Stationery Portfolio.


- 4 greeting card size envelopes
- Markers
- Assorted stationery
- Assorted envelopes
- Postage stamps
- Assorted stickers

To make the portfolio, moisten the glue on the flap of one envelope, and place another envelope over it — lining up the bottom of one envelope with the crease of the flap on the envelope with the glue. Do this three times, so all your envelopes are attached.

 Decorate your envelope pockets and stuff them with stationery goodies!

Fold up your portfolio (one right envelope, one left envelope, then close it like a book) and decorate the front if you'd like. I made this as a little "Welcome Summer" gift for my friend, Beverly — another avid mail lover! To finish it off, I tied it with a ribbon and inserted a pen under the bow.

This method also makes a handy coupon organizer for your purse, using smaller envelopes. 

Happy crafting and happy weekend!

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