Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's In My Purse + Giveaway! [CLOSED!]

Admission time… I have a guilty pleasure. Have you ever seen those “What’s in my purse?” videos on YouTube? Yeah… I don’t know what it is, but I love watching them. I think as a girl, it’s just programmed into my brain to wonder what other girls carry in their purses – even though it’s pretty much the same things that I carry.
I have the Harper Tassel Tote from Francesca's; I'm not 100% sure it's available online anymore, but I've also seen it in stores, so it could still be around. It’s a pretty big bag, but it’s not bulky and it’s really comfortable to carry.
So I guess it’s pretty much just the basics.
Wallet. I’ve been using a credit card wallet I got from Target, like this one, instead of a big wallet. Saves space.
Glasses case. I always wear contacts, but I need to have my glasses and some contact solution with me, in case one of my contacts gets dry or falls out.
Umbrella. I really only carry that with me when it’s supposed to rain, but I forgot to take it out the other day, so I thought I’d leave it in there. Why not.
Makeup case. Pretty self-explanatory. Touch up makeup, portable eyelash curler (this thing is great for my stubborn, straight lases!), extra set of keys, girly stuff, hair ties, medications, the usual. Sometimes, I’ll just grab my powder compact if I want to travel lighter.
Keys. To you know, get in and out of places that are locked.
Lip gloss and chapstick. My Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm is usually all I use, but I do like to have the Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie with me. It’s nice to have in case I need a little color.
Notebook and pen. Always carry a pen and paper with you. Always.
Gum. I’m kind of addicted to mint gums.
Bobby pins. The spiral ones. They’re amazing.
Hand sanitizer and lotion. Again, pretty self-explanatory.
Mirror. It came with a Sephora gift card I got as a gift. I like having a mirror on me, in case I eat spinach for lunch or something and I can’t get to a bathroom.
Work ID. I need to prove my identification and stuff to get into the building. It’s like a safety thing, or something.
Earbuds. You never know when you’ll need these puppies.
Portable phone charger. This is definitely a must-have. I can’t always get to a wall or car charger, and we all know the lovely battery life of an iPhone. My dad gave me this one a while ago, but you can find them online.
Cell phone. I forgot to include this because, well, I was using it to take the picture. It’s always on me though.
Food. I also forgot to include a snack in the picture. I always like to have a snack on me. Crackers, trail mix, a protein bar – anything that’s quick and easy to eat when I’m at a stand-still on I-95 on my way home from work. Applesauce pouches are a new favorite of mine. Childish? Maybe a little. Convenient, healthy, and delicious? DEFINITELY.
There are definitely days when I switch to a smaller purse and carry only my wallet, phone, and keys, but usually, this is the stuff I always have on me.
So now here’s the fun part – tell us what’s in your purse and you could win!
One lucky winner will get this wallet/clutch from Target, a Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil, and a $5 Starbucks gift card!
Here's how you can win!
Leave a comment telling us what you carry in your purse! Something unique, something you must have with you, whatever!
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Anyone can enter, and I'll randomly pick a winner and announce it in this post on Tuesday, April 1, so be sure to come back and check if you're a winner!

Good luck and thanks for reading!
Pictures by Sara and edited with Afterlight, Whitagram, and A Beautiful Mess. I’m not affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned, I’m just a fan. I purchased all of the products myself.

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