Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sara's Top 5: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Yup. It happens to the best of us. We forget someone or we run out of time and realize we need a gift for our sister's boyfriend's cousin's father. But have no fear - there's always something out there to pick up last minute. And they won't even know you scrambled all night to put it together.

These are some go-to ideas I tend to hover toward when I'm looking for something for someone I might not know as well, or for someone I'm not overbuying for.

1. A "Make your own drinks" bundle. A cute mug, drink mixes, and something sweet. I like peppermint bark. You can also go the easier route and pick up an already made set, like this one from Starbucks.

2. The "Ultimate Man Cave" package. A nice bottle of his favorite beer or wine, some scratch off lottery tickets (who doesn't love scratching those things??), and some food. Sounds good to me.

3. I don't know about you, but not enough people write letters these days. And I mean snail mail, postage stamp, handwritten letters. If you know someone on the more sentimental side, try a cute stationery kit, a pretty pen, a book of stamps, and some cute stickers! Help them keep in touch with their loved ones and keep that USPS running! The recipient (and your mail carrier) will thank you!

4. I tend to like making "goodie bags", instead of doing it up super big. I love a great make up bag, or clutch filled with fun goodies. I found adorable single Revlon eye shadows at Ulta that connect to make the perfect pallet! Throw in a lip gloss, nail polish, blush, etc. and your girl is ready for all those holiday parties!

5. A gift card. I know, I know. Gift cards aren't the most creative things to give, but seriously. If you know your pal LOVES Starbucks, or goes to Target at least twice a week and buys sweaters and make up and cute iPhone case she's been eyeing up, then just go with a gift card. Pair it with a yummy snack or cute wallet, and you're good to go!

Good luck!


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