Monday, September 30, 2013

Sara's September

Wow you guys. It's the end of September. Like. It's October. Crazy!

I know I've completed neglected the blog the past month, and I have no excuse for it. I've been working a lot lately, but that's not really your problem, is it?

have managed to take some pictures through out the month though, so I thought I'd share them with you. Let you know what I've been up to (not that it's much).

September 1 started out the month and was also my birthday!

The AMAZING package of 25 gifts for my 25th!

Of course, we had to celebrate with cake!

Whenever I make a special sushi run, it's necessary to also run to Flavor and pick up some cupcakes.

Introducing Ghost, our neighborhood friend.

In downtown Baltimore, it's normal for a gorilla to offer you a banana while driving to an Orioles baseball game.

It's also pretty normal to see people of all sorts when there's a convention in town.

A momentous ocassion - a black iced coffee. How I've grown from my mochas...

I finally got rid of my summer highlights! I've washed a lot of the black out already, but it feels good to be dark for the winter.

Sushi and Starbucks... How preppy of me.

Again, living in Baltimore, you see some things. Not necessarily the safest, like this "ice cream truck," but still makes for interesting stories.

And another cupcake. I'm not ashamed.

So, with the holidays coming up soon (sooner than you think!) I certainly hope and will try my hardest to post more. Pictures, food posts, fun DIY projects, whatever!

Until next time,

By the way--- is anyone else loving iTunes Radio?? Probably my favorite feature of iOS 7...

*All photos are my own, taken with the iPhone 4S, and were edited with the Pixlromatic+, Beautiful Mess, and/or Instagram apps.*

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