Friday, October 25, 2013

Sara Is: October 2013

Drinking: Starbucks Nonfat Lattes. Hazelnut macchiatos are also a current favorite...

Eating: Harvest Snap Snapea Crisps and Wegman's vegetable sushi. Try them. You'll love them.

Listening to: ARMY OF 3 (featuring Ingrid Michaelson) EP. 

Loving: Revlon's Brilliant Strength nail polish in "060 Allure". I am LOVING this polish. It's a really nice, neutral pale pink. Perfect for any occasion, any season. (Don't mind the healing gash on my finger... That's just what I get for trying to open a box with scissors instead of a box cutter at work...)

Not loving: Bad drivers. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but when you see a stop sign, you should probably..... Oh, I don't know, stop?

Reading: Pretty Little Liars: Crushed. Yes, I do know this is a teen girl book. Thanks.

Wanting: That we actually got fall! One week of fall weather, and then straight to frost advisories. I'm not prepared to pack myself in scarves and coats in October!
Watching: The World Series. Yup. I'm a baseball girl. I wish I was watching my Orioles, but I'm a bandwagon Cardinals fan since 2011, so it's good enough. And no one likes the Red Sox anyway... ;)

Wearing: Sweaters. Slightly over sized sweaters with jeans and boots are my go-to this fall and winter.
What are you guys into right now?

All photos taken by Sara with the iPhone 4S.

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