Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY: Souvenir Boxes

Souvenir boxes are a wonderful way to make someone feel as if they were a part of your trip. They're also really fun to curate! Here are some ideas from the box I put together for Sara:

Sara is an intense baseball fan! So throughout the trip I picked up team schedules and postcards of stadiums (1). She says she's not into football, but I know the Packers are her favorite. ;)

Peanuts from the plane, hotel notepads, and a continental breakfast cappuccino mix (2) help document the travel aspect of my trip.

Chocolates from the cheese shop are a local treat, and so are the sugar packets! (Hey, it's pure Michigan sugar!) Pine trees abound in Wisconsin, hence the tiny pinecone (3). If you're headed to the beach, seashells would be a fun add-in.

Stop by travel centers for oodles of local info for your box! That's where I found the postcards (4) — which I wrote messages on, a cheese guide (we are in Wisconsin, after all!), and maps of the local downtown with all of my favorite shops (5).

Take out menus from favorite cafes are a fun addition, too. I wrote all over this coffee shop menu, marking the things I knew Sara and I would try if we were on a coffee run.

Packaging multiple items from one place jazzes up your box, too. This coffee shop sold earrings by a local artist. I wrapped them up with the sleeve from my latte and a frequent customer card.

Once you've accumulated your fabulous treasures, pack everything in a flat-rate box and drop it off at the post office.

You'll be amazed how many fun things you'll find to document your trip that you might have overlooked before! Happy hunting!

❤ Courtney

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