Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade

When I hear "summer," I think baseball, the beach, hot dogs, and lemonade. Yesss.

I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly had a craving for strawberry lemonade. And when I get a craving, I pretty much have to take care of it right away, so I made my way to the grocery store to get some ingredients.

- 1 cup lemon juice (about 5-6 lemons)
- 1 1/2 cup simple syrup
- 3-5 cups water
- 1 cup strawberry puree (about a pint and a half of fresh strawberries and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar)

I started by mashing up my strawberries with a few tablespoons of sugar. You can use a food processor or blender, but I actually just used a potato masher and fork. I let the mixture sit in the fridge for about an hour before mashing it up a little more and running it through a strainer.

Next I made the simple syrup. One and a half cups of water. One and a half cups of sugar. Simmer until sugar is dissolved. Let cool completely. Done. Simple!

Now for the main attraction - LEMONS! Juice your lemons and strain (no one wants seeds in their lemonade), then add the syrup, water, lemon juice, and strawberry puree to a pitcher, stir, and voila! Strawberry lemonade! Totes delish! My only suggestion is to add the syrup, water, and strawberries slowly, according to your taste. Obviously, if you like your lemonade stronger, or more tart, you won't need all the water or syrup. I happen to like mine sweeter. :)

This can also be made with raspberries. That would be just as good!

If you guys have any good summer recipes, let me know!

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